Tank Gauges

We offer a wide range of products for a tank level control and monitoring systems. From a small single tank to tank farms with different products. All our products we offer can be customized to your application

Level indicators for liquid storage tanks up 10.000 liters or gallons

tank level indicatorFüllstandsanzeige Heizöl-Wasser-Tanks    Level Control LC 100 level controller      
Tank Size:               up 10.000 / 2460 Liter / Gallons tank volume
Tank hight:              up 0,50  bis 2,70m or / 20 to  110 inch
Tank Content:         e.g. heating oil, kerosin, water, lubricants, AdBlue..
Measurement:         contactless ultrasonic echo measurement
Display:                    liter or gallons, percent, stock in days, ullage, .
Power:                      battery ( 4x 1,5V) or current power (230V / 110V)

Füllstand mit Pegelmesssonde messen

Tank level control for high accuracy measurement

Hydrostatic Level Measurement      

Smart Box Füllstandsanzeige

Tanksize:                  100.000 Liter / gallon
Tankhight:                from 0,50  up 25,0 m 
Tank Content:          e.g. Petrol, Heating Oil, Diesel, Water, AdBlue..
Measurement:         hydrostatical pressure probe
Display:                      Liter, percent,
Power:                       Current power, Battery 12V oder 24V
Alarm function         Smart Box 2, 3, 4...
SMS function:           Smart Box 4, 5, ...

Füllstandsmessung mit kabelloser Funkdatenübertragung des Tankinhalt bis 200m Reischweite

Tank gauge with radio data transfer for convenient remote control

Apollo Level Gauge       Füllstandsanzeiger Apollo
Tank Size:                     no restriction
Tank Hight:                     0,50  bis 3,0 m 
Tank content                  e.g. Heating Oil, Diesel, Water, AdBlue, lubricants.
Measurement:               contactless Ultrasonic echo measurement
Data transfer:                 radio 433 mHz
Display:                          Liter or bars  depending on product
Power:                            Battery / power 

Tank level gauge monitoring system with GPS/ GPRS

Remote level control for tank logistic and management

 ECO MAT      + Included Tank Monitoring App.Timitoo Tankmonitoring

Tank sizes.                    all kind of tanks
Measurement:               Ultrasonic  
Tank Height:                  0,50  bis 3,0 m 
Tank content:                 e.g. Heating Oil, Diesel, Water, AdBlue, Lubricants.



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